Turn Your Imagination Into Reality: Engaging your users with iPlayer

What if you can jump into a game and play with your favorite characters face to face? What if you can travel to another planet in search of the most thrilling adventures with your friends during a short break? What if you can have potential customers try your products before they were even made? What if you can play with your flying whale pet whenever you desire? Read more

Experiencing holographic AR at Palo Alto City Library

What is Holographic Augmented Reality (holographic AR) and how does it differ from traditional AR technology? Is it exclusive to gaming?  How can we use it in other areas of our daily life? Can we create our own holographic AR programs and how? Despite the popularity of applications such as Pokemon Go, people are still clueless about what they can accomplish with AR. Add “holographic” to the already intimidating vocabulary, now people are truly confused to the maximum extent.  Read more

Retail and Holographic AR

Stores don’t only sell products; they sell a lifestyle, a fantasy, and most important, a dream. Think of a designer clothing boutique, with its flashy interior design and artfully arranged goods. It’s not selling the strength of the stitching in its pants or the smoothness of its leather jacket; it’s selling the idea that if you buy this clothing, you can make your dream come true, become more successful, or at least a cooler version of yourself. You may not look like a superstar for now, but if you buy the same products she uses in that poster, maybe you’ll take some of her glamour. It helps that the stores have flattering light and cool music playing, enough to make you think, ‘If I were a cool person at a cool club, this would be a cool product.’

Holographic AR takes this fantasy and extends it beyond the physical confines of the store. In the most literal way, it can emotionally engaging customers at their first glance and attract and keep foot traffic. The augmented reality system can project passerby into the store’s created fantasy wonderland for their products. Studies have shown that people are attracted to their own reflection naturally. Holographic AR can do more than that, immersing a customer’s image in real time and projecting it into an interactive wonderland. Instead of just making a shop that resembles a French boutique, Holographic AR allows the customer to virtually walk through Paris. Why settle for a costly and static store theme when your customer can travel through outer space one day and play professional soccer the next? The possibilities are endless.

Beyond sensing customers, augmented reality can sense products that are tagged with RFID and react accordingly. If you think that purse looks chic now, wait until you see yourself walk into a red carpet fashion show(removed shoes, since our technology for now may not be the best one for shoes). High-end blue jeans take you to the ranch to meet your dream companion.
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