Free kids augmented reality coding classes

It is a great opportunity for kids and families to learn about augmented reality technology and AR coding program iCreator.

Date: 2/5/2021

Time: 7-8PM PST

Reserve your spot at Eventbrite here:

This event helps young students learn about Holographic AR. Show students how you can code your own Holographic AR games with iCreator. Students will try demos via Zoom, and work on first simple iCreator project.

The class is designed for students ages 8-12. But if you student is younger or older, he/she is welcome to join. The designed curriculum for this class can be a little difficult for students younger than 8 and a little simple for students older than 12.

Each student needs to have his/her own computer (MacBook or Windows 10). We will send info for software installation. Please install the software before the class. Each registration will receive one license code in the class time. If you have multiple students, please register multiple tickets.

After registration, you will receive the software download link and Zoom link to the class meeting on the class day from the sender named “Integem” Please make sure you subscribe to emails from “Integem” during the registration to receive the Zoom Link properly. (sometimes, the email may be in your spam folder).

What is Holographic AR?

Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR) transports you from the real world into an immersive virtual environment. You can interact with this world through a variety of hand gestures, body movements, and audio commands. Holographic AR is at the bleeding edge of technology and will revolutionize engineering design, game design, movie creation, news reporting, education, and so much more.

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