Integem Holographic AR

Future-forwarding technology

that empowers you to turn your imagination into reality

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Integem Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR) technology revolutionizes how people communicate and perceive the world.

Integem changes how people communicate with machines

Instead of using a traditional machine way (e.g. clicking, touching, typing and etc.), Integem Holographic AR enables people use human way (natural user interface) to communicate and control the machines, such as body movements or hand gestures.

Integem changes how people perceive the world

Instead of the rhetoric of “seeing is believing”, Integem Holographic AR empowers people to see themselves in any world, interact with its virtual environment and objects beyond their own physical spaces, and turn their imaginations into realities.

How does Integem Holographic AR work?

Imagine at one moment, you can be at Mars and focus on science research; at another moment, you can dive into the ocean and play with wonderful ocean creatures. You can do all of these at your own living room.

In a nutshell, Integem Holographic AR extracts people from the real world, in real-time, and immerses them into a virtual environment where they can interact and control naturally through hand gestures, body movement, facial expressions, and voice commands, etc..

What can Integem Holographic AR do?

People are no longer limited by their own physical space. Integem Holographic AR enables people to be anywhere and do anything with a blink of an eye.

Integem iCreator®: the powerful Holographic AR programming language

Integem iCreator® makes it simple for you to visually program your holographic AR experiences. It works with both Macbook and Windows computers.

Traditionally, you need a team of professionally trained programmers and a team of art designers work together in months to develop an Holographic AR application. With iCreator®, you can create your own Holographic AR experience alone in days, and sometimes even hours.

Why iCreator®? You only need to focus on your design and iCreator ® will automatically generate the computer code for you.

Input Or Draw Image Resources

iCreator enables you to input images (photos, 2D images, gif, video, or 3D models) into the program to create virtual environments and virtual objects. And you can also draw your own images.

3D Animations

iCreator makes it easy for you to program complicated animations and 3D movements.

Interactive Control

It includes many interactive control functions that you can add into your interactive experiences, such as wave, walk, jump, dance, etc.

Music and Voice Input

iCreator allows you to input music and voice to add more emotional engage experience to your audience.