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Holographic AR by Integem

If you’re looking for a business idea, you might be surprised to learn that the بازی آنلاین ایرانی online gaming industry is thriving. It has been a $100 billion industry for years.

Our Holographic AR Summer Camp is Open for Registration!

Create a Metaverse and Step Into It with Integem Holographic AR

Integem’s AI-powered Holographic AR platform allows users to easily create a Metaverse and step into it. With Integem, you can invite your audience to your Metaverse world to learn your ideas, try your products, or simple have fun together without any special gaggles or glasses.


Integem Metaverse Summer Camp for kids and teens (Ages 5-18) is open for registration now. Students will learn Holographic AR coding, STEM, game design, AI, art, animation, fashion, Space exploration, nature adventures and more with lot of fun! Students can teleport into their Metaverse world with Holographic AR. It empowers K-12 students to explore, design, and innovate with future tech.

How does Integem’s
Holographic AR work?

Integem’s Holographic AR software works with any computing device with a video camera, allowing users to enter the Holographic AR experience with ease. Integem’s cloud-based technology makes it compatible with most virtual conferencing platforms, such as Zoom.

You can even invite your friends or colleagues into your Metaverse with Integem’s Holographic AR.

Holographic AR on Any Device

Integem’s Holographic AR platform works with any computing device such as your laptop, desktop, tablets, and smart phone.

You can view Holographic AR in 2D as you can do with regular zoom meeting. You can also use 3D paper glasses to enjoy 3D holographic AR experiences/meeting with your phone/computer. In addition, Integem’s iPlayer ® also support many other types of 3D viewing methods, including 3D display, 3D Projector, HoloLens, etc.

Customize and Create Your Own
Holographic AR Meeting Experiences

Integem iCreator ® makes it simple and fast for you to customize and create your own Holographic AR experiences, so that you can easily turn your imagination into vivid product and service demos, designs, games, education content, fun activities, and more.

What can Integem Holographic AR do?

Integem Holographic AR removes limitations when it comes to creating new experiences. Now you can be anywhere you want, whenever you want, with anyone you connected. It’s that simple.

Changing the Way We Learn

By allowing users to step into a magical Metaverse world without any gaggles or glasses, Integem’s Holographic AR platform has shown to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of learning for students of all ages. Our curriculum and trainings fully equip teachers to introduce the technology of tomorrow to students today.

Emotionally Engage Your
Customers with Holographic AR

Integem enables you to demonstrate your ideas, designs, and products in a Holographic AR environment, which allows your audience to gain hands-on experience through their own laptop or mobile device. From AR meeting to online retailing to virtual training sessions, Holographic AR can improve customer’s brand engagement in limitless settings. Learn more about how you can grow your business with Integem Holographic AR Here.

Join a Community of
Holographic AR Creators

Whether you’re an experienced designer or a novice interested in creating Holographic AR, Integem’s iCreator® software empowers you to create compelling Holographic AR experiences with ease. Users also have access to Integem’s creator community, which offers a rich set of Holographic AR resources.