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Integem empowers you to turn your imagination into reality !

Integem created the Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR) technology that revolutionizes how people communicate. During the development of this technology, we saw enthusiasm from young students and heard their strong desires to create their own Holographic AR experiences to express their ideas. Then, to meet their desires, we created the Holographic AR programming language and the Holographic AR summer camps to empower young people to use Holographic AR to change the world.

No special glasses or projectors are needed for people to create or experience the Holographic AR.

Holographic AR is the future and will change the world by:

Changing how people interact with machines

Instead of using a traditional machine interface (e.g. clicking, touching, typing and etc.), Integem’s Holographic AR technology uses a natural human interface, such as body movements or hand gestures.

Changing how people perceive the world

Instead of the rhetoric of “seeing is believing”, Holographic AR empowers people to see themselves in any world, interact with its virtual environment and objects beyond their own physical spaces, and turn their imaginations into an interactive reality.

How Holographic AR Works?

In a nutshell, Holographic AR extracts people from the real world, in real-time, and immerses them into a virtual environment where they can interact naturally through hand gestures, body movement, facial expressions, and voice commands, etc..

Holographic AR has many applications and will revolutionize many areas:

With Holographic AR, you can travel back millions of years to meet the  dinosaurs, or fly millions of miles to meet with aliens in the blink of an eye. What is impossible?

How to Program Holographic AR?

iCreator: the Holographic AR visual programming language

Previously, you would need a team of engineers and a team of art designers working together for months and even years to create a simple Holographic AR experience.

With iCreator, you can program your own Holographic AR experience alone in days, and sometimes even hours.

iCreator enables you to input images (photos, 2D images, gif, movie/video, or 3D) into the program to create virtual environments/virtual objects. It makes it easy for you to program complicated animations and 3D movements. It includes many interactive functions that you can program into your interactive experiences. It also provides a camera area for you to program how real-life people/objects immerse and interact with the virtual environments.

With iCreator, you can program your own Holographic AR 3D movies, 3D games, and/or news reporting. You can turn your arts into cool interactive Holographic AR comics. You can show people your engineering designs, and you can do much, much more…

Still don’t understand? Here are some examples for your reference: Create your own Holographic AR battle royale and battle your favorite Minecraft and Roblox characters and worlds. Be a movie pioneer by making Star Wars-like Holographic AR 3D interactive movies with multiple endings depending on what actions you take. Take control of fantastical creatures like those from Harry Potter and wonder around magical world/realms. Create a comic in which you fight evil as a superhero just like in the Marvel comics.

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   We are located at the heart of Sillicon Valley in California, USA.

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