Hackathon for AR Creators 2024

Why Participate:

Would you like to show off your AR projects? Would you like to meet other AR creators? Would you like to play exciting AR projects? If you are applying for college or private schools, would you like to jazz up your resume?

Participation is FREE, and it is FUN!!!

All participants will receive AR Hackathon Certification. Top projects will receive special prizes and recognitions.

Who can participate:

Students who have learned how to use iCreator to create their own AR projects.

What projects can be submitted:

Students can submit their self-designed projects into one of the following three Hackathon Themes:

1. Interactive AR Game Design

2. Interactive AR Animation & 3D Design

3. AI+AR Design

How many projects can a student submit:

Each student can submit 1 project.

Submission Place and Deadline:

Please fill out the form:

Due date: March 31,  11:59PM PST,  2024

How to submit your existing project(s) (you made during AR camps/classes)

Step 1. Log-in to your account at iPlayer or If you forgot your username and password, please contact and provide your student’s name.

Step 2. Find your project. (check here to learn how to find your projects). You can also create a new project for this Hackathon. 

Note: If you did not upload your projects to the system, you may not be able to find your projects there. And you may need to upload your projects first. 

Step 3. Play your project and make sure this is the one your would like to submit. (check here to learn how to play your project).

Step 4. If you would like to submit this project, please add description about your projects in the comment’s session.

Step 5.  Please fill in the AR Hackathon submission form:

How to revise your existing project or create a new project to submit?

  • (Optional: if you want to revise your existing projects) Download your project to your local computer (check here to learn how to download).
  • Make revision or create a new project. Upload your project to test and submission. (check here to learn how to upload).
  • Follow “How to submit your existing projects” steps to submit your projects.

How are AR Hackathon projects judged?

  • Students’ projects are judged by Age Group.
  • For each project, the project would be judged based on: Creativity, Design, Interactive Storytelling, Presentation, and “Wow” Factor.

How to become a judge:

Any Parent/Gaudian whose child submitted a project for the Hackathon is encouraged to become a judge. You will judge projects that don’t belong to your child(ren)’s age group(s). We will provide free training to judges. It is estimated to take about 5 hours of you time between and can participate about 30 minutes judge training.

Other Questions:
Please join our Webnars: Feb. 27, 5PM-6PM PST
If you any questions, you can join office hours, call us or email us.


Sunday Mar. 3rd, 6PM-7PM
Sunday Mar. 10, 6PM-7PM
Sunday Mar. 17, 6PM-7PM
Tuesday Mar. 19, 6PM-7PM

Thursday Mar. 28, 6PM-7PM


(Monday to Friday, 10AM-4PM)