Hackathon for AR Creators

Why Participate:

Would you like to show off your AR projects? Would you like to meet other AR creators? Would you like to play exciting AR projects? If you are applying for college or private schools, would you like to jazz up your resume?

Participation is FREE, and it is FUN!!!

All participants will receive AR Hackathon Certification. Top projects will receive special prizes and recognitions.

Who can participate:

Students (7 or older) who have learned how to use iCreator to create their own AR projects.

What projects can be submitted:

Students can submit their self-designed projects.

How many projects can a student submit:

Each student can submit up to 2 projects.

Submission Deadlines:

September 25,  11:59PM PST,  2021

How to submit:

Step 1. Please add description of the project when submitting your
project from iCreator. Please use title format “Hackathon 0921
FirstName LastName Project X”

Step 2. Play and record your project to demo how to play your project.

Step 3.  Please fill in the AR Hackathon submission form:



  • You can use your existing project submitted at creator.integem.com
  • You can also upload a new project to creator.integem.com

How are AR Hackathon projects judged?

  • Students’ projects are judged by Age Group.
  • 2D Projects and 3D projects are judged separately.
  • For each project, the project would be judged based on: Creativity, Design, Interactive Storytelling, Presentation, and “Wow” Factor.

How to become a judge:

Any Parent/Gaudian whose child submitted a project for the Hackathon is encouraged to become a judge. You will judge projects that don’t belong to your child(ren)’s age group(s). We will provide free training to judges. It is estimated to take about 5 hours of you time between Sept. 26 and Oct. 2 and can participate about 1 hour judge training between Sept. 13 to Sept. 24.

Other Questions:

Join Free Office Hours zoom link: Please check here for zoom link: https://forms.gle/3rsw366MaMBP4EjEA

Office Hours/Info Sessions (via Zoom)Friday Sept. 10, 7PM-9PM
Saturday Sept. 11, 10AM-12PM
Saturday Sept. 11, 2PM-4PM
Friday Sept. 17, 7PM-9PM
Saturday Sept. 18, 10AM-12PM
Saturday Sept. 18, 2PM-4PM
Friday Sept. 24, 7PM-9PM
Saturday Sept. 25, 10AM-12PM
Saturday Sept. 25, 2PM-4PM
Call(Monday to Friday, 10AM-4PM)