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with Holographic AR

Holographic AR by Integem

Interactive AR Content that Engages Customers

Holographic AR can provide exceptional online customer shopping experiences, with interactive product demonstrations. Integem’s cloud-based software can be easily incorporated into your existing online store to increase customer engagement. Moreover, potential customers can easily interact with Holographic AR promotional materials on their phones or tablets.

Holographic AR
E-Commerce / Marketing/Advertisement

Holographic AR, bolstered by Integem’s cloud-based iPlayer®, revolutionizes the online shopping journey with interactive product demonstrations. By effortlessly integrating iPlayer® into your online store, you amplify engagement with your products, services, and brand. With the added versatility of iCreator®, businesses can not only design captivating Holographic AR materials for marketing and advertisement but also craft interactive video experiences. These bespoke video experiences can then be relished by customers on their phones or tablets using iPlayer®.

Revolutionizing AR for Learning, Work, and Entertainment

Enhance training, learning, and entertainment experiences for employees, students, and the general public with Integem’s immersive Holographic AR technology. This avant-garde solution provides a hands-on experience in Holographic AR settings, allowing everyone to delve deeply into the content. Whether it’s for education, professional development, or sheer entertainment, users can design, test, and trial their own game scenarios using iCreator®. Once crafted, these interactive games can be effortlessly enjoyed by users – be they employees, students, or the wider public – via the iPlayer® platform.

Interactive AR Content that Engages Customers

Proprietary Holographic AR software that runs in the cloud and requires no special devices or hardware purchases

Why User Holographic AR for Your Business?


Our interactive Holographic AR software enhances content engagement, connecting customers emotionally with the brand. Increased engagement leads to higher customer lifetime value.


The novel, cutting-edge technology of Holographic AR will not only engage your customers but motivate them to share their experience with others.


ur technology does not require purchases of expensive equipment or special devices, making the investment low-risk and low-cost. It’s simple to set up and will quickly show results.


Our AI-powered, cloud technology allows you to track how customers behave in realistic online environments, providing powerful insight through Holographic AR data.


Our proven Holographic AR curriculum has shown to enhance learning experiences for students of all ages. From early childhood education to professional workshops, Integem provides comprehensive support to businesses interested in Holographic AR education.