Empower Students to Program, Design, & Innovate with Future Tech

Design, Programming & Innovation with Future Tech

Promote 21st-century skills

Integem’s Holographic Augmented Reality (AR) STEM/STEAM education equips K-12 students with future-forwarding knowledge, skills, and tech experience. Our proven, personalized curriculum and comprehensive program revolve around design, programming, science, AI, digital art & animation, interactive storytelling, game design, and empathy. It pushes students to stretch their imagination and analytical minds to foster greater creativity and problem-solving skill, all the while having fun.

Integem education program complements existing school curriculums. Educators can incorporate the Holographic AR learning as part of the regular curriculum or as an enrichment offering in the
after-school, winter camp, or summer camp programs as online, in-person, or hybrid programs.

Why Holographic AR Learning?

Changing the way we learn

Holographic AR is at the bleeding edge of technology and will revolutionize engineering design, science exploration, game design, movie creation, news reporting, education, and so much more. Holographic AR transports you from the real world into an immersive virtual environment. You can interact with this world through various hand gestures, body movements, and audio commands. Integem Holographic AR platform iPlayer® does not need a special headset or glasses. 

The curriculum is designed to provide differentiated learning. K-12 students will create their own hands-on Holographic AR projects using iCreator®. It suites for students with all computer skills.

We also found that students who need extra help (e.g., ADHD, autism) responded exceptionally well to learning initiatives.




Holographic AR Courses


Holographic AR Projects

Our Education Partners

Sample List of Available Holographic AE STEAM Courses

What will your students learn?

  • Holographic AR Programming

  • Creative Thinking

  • Design Thinking

  • UI/UX

  • Interactive Storytelling

  • Design Art and Animation

  • Logic

  • Visual Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • 3D Modeling

  • Science

  • Engineering

  • Math

  • Empathy

  • Fun

  • Game Design

  • Movie Creation

  • News Reporting

  • Engineering Innovation

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why Choose AR STEAM Education?

Our scientifically developed curriculum is the key to a successful and sustainable education program.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans & Instruction Guidelines

    Comprehensive lesson plans and detailed instruction materials make it easy for teachers to facilitate learning.

  • Online Learning MaterialsLesson Plans & Instruction Guidelines

    Provides students complimentary online learning materials and resources to learn at their own pace.

  • Group discussion

    Group discussions are an important part of our curriculums and help connect students and improve their communication and collaboration skills.

  • Hands-on Projects

    Our curriculums focus on hands-on, project-based learning. Each student will create his/her own Holographic AR projects.

  • Flexible Teaching Structures

    Our curriculums can be used for Innovation Program, Afterschool Program, Winter Camp, and/or Summer Camp Programs.

    It can be offered as an online, in-person, or hybrid course.

  • High-quality teachers

    We can provide experienced and certified teachers in Holographic AR STEM/STEAM Education to your school to teach students.

  • Teaching Quality Control

    We measure teachers’ quality by constantly monitoring students’ progress and seeking the school’s feedback. All students’ projects are in the cloud that allows us to provide objective measures of the students’ progress.

We provide high-quality teachers as needed.
We provide all the necessary technology for the program.
  • Software

    We will provide the necessary software (including iCreator® and iPlayer®) to run the Holographic AR STEM/STEAM program for the classes. The software works with Windows 10 Computers, MacBooks, and Chromebooks.

  • Cloud-based resources

    All the resources and students’ projects are stored in the cloud for students, parents, and teachers to access or download via iPlayer® and iCreator®

  • Live Training

    Our live training program (online) enables teachers to learn directly from experienced trainers about designing, program, innovating, and teaching with Holographic AR using iPlayer® and iCreator®.

  • Online Self-learning

    Our online self-learning program makes it convenient for teachers to learn more with Holographic AR using iPlayer® and iCreator®.

  • Teacher Continuous Learning Program

    We provide a lot of continuous learning opportunities and programs to help teachers keep learning and improving. Teachers can use iPlayer® and iCreator® to directly access the newest learning materials.

We can train your teachers to teach as needed.

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